About Us

The Treasurie is a San Francisco-based studio that believes in the power of snail mail to bring people together. We are all about celebrating, appreciating and supporting the people you share your life with.

Physical correspondence is our love language. The thrilling anticipation when you pop a letter into the mail and the delightful surprise of an unexpected note are what we live for. When people see our cards in a store, we want them to feel an immediate sense of excitement, imagining the joy that comes with brightening someone's day through sending a bit of art wrapped around a hand-written note. 

Our cards all start with a drawing, hand-illustrated and designed by me, Jenny. They're printed locally in San Francisco, CA on thick, slightly-textured paper, carefully tested by us for its writability with our favorite pens. No smudging here.

We support the reforestation efforts of One Tree Planted and partner with them to plant one tree for every order placed with us, retail or wholesale. 

May your mailbox be ever overflowing – with the good kind of mail.